Raw Material

Starting point of each quality product is the selection of the right raw material. Whether with natural or skimmed raw milk, fresh cream or whey from different cheese types, Valfoo contributes to the raw material security and its quality in the value creating chain.


Production Processes

Beside traditional natural raw material, conditioned raw material is typically used for the production of high-quality milk and whey derivatives. One of the most common conditioning processes are the selection, pasteurization, concentration, skimming and filtration for what following figure provides a schematic overview.

dairy raw material_Valfoo


Whey and Whey Concentrates

Obtained from diverse cheese types and origins Valfoo offers a wide range of fresh whey and whey derived products. Whether liquid whey with different dry matters, different degrees of whey protein concentrates or whey permeate, our raw materials are used for many products in the whey processing industry.

Milk and Cream

Available with different parameters Valfoo provides various milk and cream products from selected origins. Our milk and cream products can find their application in nearly every dairy product and are therefore highly demanded.