To produce high quality food it is crucial to use the right ingredients. This is even more important when food products are requested to have desired properties, such as a specific texture, refined tastes or certain functionality. Due to the variety of their ingredients, milk and whey derivatives offer a wide scope of applications.


Production Processes

Different production processes are used to obtain the desired milk and whey derivatives. While milk derivatives are mainly obtained from skimmed milk, whey is a side product of the cheese production. For the further processing of the initial raw materials, following production technologies are traditionally used:

Dairy ingredients


Single Ingredients

Our portfolio includes a variety of different processed full cream milk powders as well as skim milk and buttermilk powders. In addition we also offer milk proteins, casein and caseinates, standard or (partly) demineralized whey powders, whey proteins in several concentrations and a variety of lactose products to match different customer demands.


Within its portfolio of specialty products Valfoo provides numerous innovative treated, fortified or combined milk and whey derivatives to be used in various areas of the food industry. Weather functional milk and whey proteins for dairy, meat or bakery applications or special nutritional mixtures our product portfolio is continuously enlarged and enhanced to meet the highest nutritional and functional requirements.