Quality, safety and convince are today’s dominating parameters in the choice of food. Valfoo offers dairy products which perfectly fulfil this demand. By selecting and preparing the right products for the right channel Valfoo provides an extensive portfolio with trusted names for the daily consumption.


Production Processes

Raw milk, as one of the most valuable foods, is the starting point for many milk, cheese and dairy products. For their production, different production processes, such as fermentation, extraction or heat treatment are used. The following figure provides a schematic overview:

dairy food



The product range reaches from well-known brand name products to individual private labels. Selected and promoted by our marketing team, Valfoo offers an appealing portfolio of high quality products with long history and strong home market performance.

Food Service

Valfoo’s food service portfolio includes milk and cream but also cream cheese, hard and semi hard cheeses such as Parmesan, Mozzarella, Cheddar or Gouda in different specifications, shapes, weights and packages. The portfolio is constantly updated to meet the customer needs.