To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.


The high quality of the final product starts with the selection of suitable raw materials. Valfoo offers the right preparation and a secure supply of dairy raw materials. Based on valuable raw materials, special functional ingredients and quality dairy products are produced which Valfoo supplies to food processing factories, retailers and food service companies. With our in-depth knowledge in regional specific regulations and market specific sales channels Valfoo is able to provide solutions where ever-changing consumer preferences demanding for greater product diversity and increasing quality and regulatory standards.


At Valfoo technology links each part of the supply chain. Valfoo provides technology consulting and introduces technological know-how which allows customers to improve their products in quality, sensory and nutritional properties or to develop new products based on selected ingredients and dairy products. Whether we are recommending a single ingredient, an innovative production process or deliver a unique combination of different products, innovation and customer specific response are most important for Valfoo. This service promotes the fundamental goal of Valfoo to create added-value and build-up long-term stable partnerships.


Valfoo puts great importance on the origin and properties of milk and whey processing products. With suitable raw material and by finding and utilizing the right production facility Valfoo is able to supply its customers with specific ingredients, food products and nutritional solutions they looking for. Our customer oriented approach combined with our know-how and the right raw material enables our customers to improve their production by new ingredients but also by simplifying their supply chain and gaining greater efficiency in their operations.

Raw Material

Starting point of each quality product is the selection of the right raw material. Whether using natural or skimmed raw milk, fresh cream or whey from different cheese types, Valfoo contributes to the raw material security and quality in the value creating chain.


To produce high quality food it is crucial to use the right ingredients. This is even more important when food products are requested to have desired properties, such as a specific texture, refined tastes or certain functionality.

Organic Products

With consumers continuing to follow a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, Valfoo constantly expands its range of country specific certified organic raw material, ingredients, food and nutritional products which follow a strict set of handling and processing standards.

Certified Products

To cope with specific customer or market requirements Valfoo continuously widens its raw material, food, ingredient and nutritional portfolio with products in country specific compliance with all rules and prescriptions for kosher, halal or other certified qualities.


Quality, safety and convince are today’s dominating parameters in the choice of food. Valfoo offers dairy products which perfectly fulfil this demand. By selecting and preparing the right products for the right channel Valfoo provides an extensive portfolio with trusted names for the daily consumption.


With continuous aging societies in industrialized countries and high birth rates in developing countries new challenges for the nutrition of broad levels of the population emerge.


Valfoo is specialized in milk and whey processing products. Due to their specific properties these products offer numerous applications for a wide variety of quality foods.

The company’s name Valfoo is made up of the words “value” and “food”. These two words stand for the eagerness of the company, its owners and employees, to improve the quality and production processes of food. At the same time, Valfoo strives to realize the creation of value for its customers within the dairy supply chain – from raw materials in the beginning to finished products at the end.

Valfoo’s offices are situated in Hong Kong and Zurich. This enables the best implementation of our concept. Our office in Hong Kong, the centre of the core market Asia, is responsible for sales and application technology. Valfoo’s centre of production and raw material know-how is located in the Technopark Zurich which at the same time handles the European and American market matters.

Valfoo stands for reliability, continuity and commitment. With its access to a wide network of industry experts it has a long term experience of the milk and whey industry. This innovative and dynamic company offers its customers valuable knowledge in terms of sourcing, production, distributing and application. Together with its partners, Valfoo has no fewer objectives than to redefine the market for milk and whey.


Hong Kong

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